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Hi There!
As you may have seen we're a husband and wife duo. We've been photographing families, newborns and weddings for 7 years and have been all in, full time for the past 4 years and to this day I say to myself "I can't believe we get to call this work!' Incredible, I know! I get to enjoy coffee with my wife every morning, take my kids to school and be able to meet amazing couples throughout the week and celebrate their wedding with their families and friends! Photographing your wedding of course! 

Avid runner, running my first full marathon in the fall. Lover of watches and all mechanical objects. What started as a hobby, is now my career and I absolutely love it. Having worked in the corporate environment for 14 years, I saw the ups and downs of that world firsthand. Near the end of my corporate days, I no longer loved it like I once did and knew deep down that the next season in life would involve more serving, more giving, more creativity and more growth. So I embarked on this journey of full time wedding photography and haven't looked back. While weddings do make up the bulk of what we shoot, we are always photographing families, corporate events, maternity session, high school seniors and more! Photography, to us, is all about good light and good emotion and I love keeping eyes open for both. 

Loving design from a young age has helped me visual what could be and anticipate what might be, and that goes for so many things but especially weddings. I love traveling, I have a thing about exploring new places and same goes for movies can't watch same movies. As much as I would love running marathons with my husband, I say to myself this is the year (so wish me luck)!  Love exercising, keeping a well balanced schedule with kids, life and career. I am a foodie, I love to cook and I can appreciate trying different cuisines currently I have a seafood obsession. In this line of work one would say  it'd be extremely hard to be an introvert but as an ex interovert and being married to Dave it has inspired me to bring that energy to each and every event. After all, weddings are a celebration and besides photographing your wedding I bring fun,  joy and can be calming for those anxious moments! 



We know photography fads and trends come and go...and often, they can be fun. But we also know, that keeping things honest and true are what matter most. We don't photograph your day for our portfolio, we photograph for ensure you'll never forgot how you felt.  -Dave

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Your wedding can feel like years in the making and then flash before your eyes so we aim to capture and document those moments for you to relive long after. I love to capture those little moments in between and the candid moments between you and your partner    -Ang

Our approach on wedding day is simply to bring the best out of you and yours in an honest and most fun way. We get it, having a camera lens pointed in your direction can feel intimidating, but we aim to make it as relaxed and pleasant as possible. We call it "The Human Element." Nothing matters more than genuine humor and genuine connection on a day that matters more than most. 


Ang and I both come from big families and have a deep appreciation for connection and celebration. As I write this, we get ready to celebrate 17 years of marriage and have been blessed with 4 beautiful kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, and even 2 pets who we have grown to like :) Seeing our kids grow up reminds us both of how quickly life passes and how all you're left with is the good you do and the memories you make.

Just consider us as guests with camera's ... a really good camera!

When we're not photographing your wedding, we like to enjoy our free time traveling with our kids and creating those memories for ourselves. We appreciate the moments we have to reset and reconnect. We had the privilege of visiting  South of France/ Monaco and it was even more charming and beautiful than we could have imagined. For us it's as relaxing as it is inspiring  to slow down, enjoy a coffee and as they do in France "people watch". 

We would love to connect with you, share a coffee or lunch with you and talk through how we might make your special day just a little better. We can't wait to chat!

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