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Hi! We're Dave and Ang - husband and wife wedding photography team. We have the amazing privilege of working together and share the passion of capturing beautiful, memorable moments. We love working together and meeting such amazing individuals and couples through this experience, that most of the time become our friends.

It was the year of 2006 that we decided to pursue this friendship we had into something more and shortly after six months I asked Angela to marry me! We were excited about doing life together and excited for all the new adventures.  March of 2021 we celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary, we took a sort spontaneous trip to Miami, Key West  to adventure out new locations and experience  their amazing cuisine. 

We loved capturing every moment on camera and especially after the kids started coming one by one. It was then that we realized the importance of capturing moments that mean more. 
There are so many photographers, so many choices...why us for your special day? Let's be real, we are confident you will love the photos we take and we are even more confident you will love us as we engage with you on one of the most memorable and exciting days of your lives!

The photos are snapshots of moments, moments you'll cherish and never get back. We are right there with you every step of your day. Engaged, active and ready to add a little more to make the ordinary into extraordinary. You'll love your photos and you'll love the energy and attitudes we bring to your day. We are here for you!

Dave & Ang

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